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  1. Thanks for painting the picture of your hysterical (historical) weekend visit around Perth. Having just returned from Morocco and Spain where history is partly lovingly restored to its previous glory maybe our city fathers could take a lesson from them. When the Michael Jeffery was Governor of WA, we enjoyed dinner in the dinning room and I toured the buildings with Marlena, his wife, who tried very hard to bring back from storage beautiful pieces to put on display.

    • Pauleen I totally agree. As you read, I was very disappointed by the lack of proper restoration in so many of our old buildings. I’m thinking of joining the Heritage group, although today’s lot seem much stricter on what can and can’t be altered. I think the damage was done in the 1960s – 1980s, unfortunately.
      I was thrilled to see your photos of Spain and that you visited some of my favourite places.

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