The Green Velvet Dress

GREEN VELVET DRESSThe Green Velvet Dress is historical rural fiction.

The Green Velvet Dress deals with social mores, the passage from youth to adulthood, and the conflicts of family, class, gender, culture and religion. Characters are fictional but the story is true to its time and place.

Love should bring happiness and joy but life is complicated.

In 1961 Jennifer Urquhart, a nineteen year old college graduate, is determined to succeed as the new teacher in Karriton, a rural town in Western Australia, but her plans begin to unravel from the moment she steps off the bus.

Although welcomed into a farming family and striving for acceptance in the community, she soon learns that malicious gossip and small town prejudice can destroy those who fail to conform to society’s rules.

Finding herself pregnant to her first love, a young geologist who has been transferred to a remote site,  Jennifer is desperate to find the father and keep her child. Eventually, she must make an almost impossible choice.

‘Victoria Mizen’s The Green Velvet Dress has an authentic feel to it. The plot, set in country Australia in the 1960’s, is peopled by entirely believable characters and moves to a startling climax. This is a great read.’ John Harman – Novelist, Scriptwriter, Ghostwriter.

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