UK: Chelsea Flower Show People

Every year they wear these coats , bought many years ago.


Fancy dress for the occasion.











Co-ordinated in stripes.

As promised, I have some interesting characters to show you this week. I think gardeners must be a particular breed, often rather eccentric, especially the English variety and we found several of them at the Chelsea Flower Show last year. I have Susanne to thank for most of these photos.


Everyone there was as happy as we were, to be able to enjoy all that is on offer and some even keep a special outfit to wear as if it’s a fancy dress affair. Susanne and I didn’t fit into this category, but I’ve included us here, blending into the gorgeous colours around us.

Roses hang from above.

Lunch time is always very busy and finding a seat almost impossible so we left the tent at about midday, hoping to find somewhere to eat our picnic in comfort. Perched on the side of decking we had a great view of the passing parade. I don’t know how my sister managed to eat anything as she was so busy taking these photos. Someone had hung thousands of roses from the roof of the walkway to add to the pleasure of those who passed under it (and those, like us, who sat nearby and admired it.)










Floral is the rage for tops and bottoms.

The photo of this couple is my favourite though. He was probably eighty,  she in a wheelchair. I watched as he gave her her lunch and a disposable cup of tea and generally ensured that she enjoyed her outing as much as he did. I offered to help but he assured me that they were managing nicely.

Chelsea Brigade on duty

Everyone was polite and cheerful, so unlike most crowded situations. Despite having to stand back and often wait to get our photos, I don’t think I saw a frown or heard a grumble all day.

The old men who live in the Chelsea Barracks looked very smart in their red uniforms as they walked around, checking that patrons behaved well.




A member of the heritage garden society.

I was so tired I had to find a seat.

After lunch we returned to the tent for more delights and even more photos. Only the stand holders are permitted the luxury of seats, but the gentleman could see my need and encouraged me to wait there while Susanne photographed the David Austen rose display, which as always was spectacular. I did see a few disgruntled garden lovers casting envious glances at me, but I’m afraid I stuck to my seat and pretended not to notice.

By three o’clock we were exhausted and as we had to catch a train to Bambury, where we were staying, we climbed aboard a bus heading towards our station.

Susanne sitting on the floor at the back of the bus.

I got the last seat, which meant that Susanne had to stand, but she was so tired she sat on the floor at the back of the bus. It’s raised, so she was quite comfortable and the journey was short. Note, she’s still smiling. A very happy day for both of us.




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