About Victoria

purple irisesPurple and green are the colours of my soul.

I am exuberant, dramatic, flamboyant, imaginative, sensuous and fun-loving.

The green in me is creative, nurturing, generous, grounded and practical.


I was born in Western Australia in 1941 and have lived here for most of my life. I grew up in Floreat and Kalamunda, then trained as a primary school teacher at Claremont Teachers’ College, graduating in 1960. My teaching career included four grades in a small country town and a class of delightful young girls in a convent in Fremantle. I married a surveyor and followed him to remote areas, living in caravans or ‘rough’ houses, raising two small children and collecting material for stories.

In 1967/8 we established Cladium Peat, a garden product dug out of swamps for use on the sandy soils around Perth and in potting mixes for horticultural purposes. Experimenting with peat in order to understand its properties and promote its advantages, led to my passion for gardening. We then developed a large peat deposit near Manjimup, fell in love with the karri forests, bought a farm in Pemberton, and developed a Murray Grey Cattle Stud.

In the 1980s we lived part time in London and travelled extensively in Australia, USA and Europe. I have always written about my travels, generally in note books, but in recent years I enjoy writing travel blogs and posting them for anyone to read.

I have been blessed with two sons and a daughter, six grandchildren, in-laws, step children, step-grandchildren, and a very large extended family, plus a lovely partner and a wide circle of good friends.

Sport is my nemesis, but while I can, I’ll keep on dancing.

I have lived a full and interesting life and have a myriad of experiences to turn into stories or poems. I’ve also met characters from all over the world; my memories of them become blended into the people you meet in my stories. Like all good recipes, the ingredients remain the same, but my versions will, I hope, tempt you to sample the results.





  1. How interesting to read a précis of your life, Victoria. Mine is so similar! Born in South Africa in 1950, moved to WA in 1973, lived in Kalamunda, then Fremantle, now in Pemberton on 6 acres where we can garden to our heart’s content and open our garden to the public. It’s our passion and long may our bodies hold out so that we can continue for man years. Regards Sally

    • Hi Sally
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my web page. I had a fantastic garden at Pemberton when we had a farm there. The locals would remember me as Vicki Burns. Have you read my novel, ‘The Green Velvet Dress?’ I didn’t teach in Pemberton, but set the story there because I could include my farming experience and love of the forest. I am back in the hills now and Kalamunda is my main shopping town.

      Kind regards and again, many thanks

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