Friends in my Garden: Daisy, Coriander and Free Spirit - This past week I’ve been thinking about friends and family. How some people stay with us all our lives, but others, no matter how much we care about them, move on and we loose contact with them. When I wrote and published Friends in my Garden, the people in these poems were some of the […]
Friends In My Garden: Hyacinth and Peony - Life has been hectic for the last few weeks, hence my lack of postings on this site. I am keen to return to the travel tales from England but for today, I hope to please those of you who enjoy my poems, especially those from my first book, ‘Friends In My Garden.’ Hyacinth was written […]
Friends In My Garden: Butterfly and Magnolia - Today I’m in the mood for poetry so I’ve gone to my book, Friends In My Garden for a selection. Two very different characters, but both written for women who inspired me and brought joy into my life. Butterfly is the sort of friend who pops in with chocolates and champagne when you’re feeling down. […]
Friends In My Garden: Oak and A Time For Tears - The following poems were written for  a man I once thought was the centre of my universe. It’s almost nineteen years since I shed those tears and I’ve found new, strong and lasting love. This post is for those of you who think that your life ends with the loss of one love. It changes […]
Friends In My Garden: Exotic Bird - I hope that many of you have at least one person in your life who fits this image of a good friend. Mine has been a bit off colour lately so this is a tribute to her, to remind her how much I appreciate her. Please feel free to send this poem on to the […]
Friends In My Garden: Wings Of Turquoise - Like the other poem which I have posted today, this was written for a friend who had been in pain, emotionally and physically. I wanted to depict a woman who was once artistic, creative, talented in many ways, but who was trapped in a marriage of violence and humiliation. It applies to any women and […]
Friends In My Garden: Chestnut Tree - Today I have gone back to my book of poetry, ‘Friends In My Garden,’ for a poem that deals with family and friends who were grieving. ‘Chestnut Tree’ applies to men who suddenly lose a child, sometimes through death, but it could also be through family breakdown or some other kind of separation, hence the […]
Friends In My Garden: Zinnia - When I was writing poems for my book, ‘Friends In My Garden,’ I had a few young female friends for whom this one was suitable. The sort of people who never seem to tire and who make you laugh whenever you are with them. I’m sure you all know and love someone like my Zinnia […]
Friends In My Garden: Cuddlesome Pup - He was a bundle of cuddlesome delight when first I brought him home, a bouncy, yappy pup full of mischief. He loved to entertain performing tricks and making silly noises. Even when I tried to teach him to be good to sit be still he’d roll around, do his stunts wag his tail and look […]
Cold Hands - White sheets white gowns white faces walls a putty-coloured grey dreary vinyl scrubbed thin. Disinfectant pervades the air.   Lumps on beds, wrapped like mummies body functions monitored, minds in zones beyond our reach. Around them hover guardians of gadgetry in sterile masks adjusting tubes connecting life support machines to almost lifeless bodies.   Cryptic […]

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