Harlow Carr Gardens near Harrogate UK - Leaving York on the 4th of June, we were excited to be on our way to the beautiful Lakes District, with a stop at Harlow Carr Gardens. Our hire car from Hertz was a very comfortable Mercedes. Susanne did most of the driving while I navigated. When making the booking, back in Australia in March, […]
Mystery Plays 2016 York UK - The 2016 production of the Mystery Plays was one of the most impressive pieces of theatre that I have ever seen. I know that for some of you, the idea of a religious performance in a religious venue conjures up images of an evening spent in the most boring possible way. Believe me, this was […]
Characters and Theatre in York - We missed seeing the famous Jorvik village in York, because it was destroyed by the river flooding and damaging much of the lower parts of the town. I mentioned that in an earlier blog, but we still wandered along and around The Shambles where we found buildings so old, we wondered how they were still […]
York Minster Today - Last week I mentioned that two events caused major restoration projects to be carried out on York Minster during the latter part of the 20th century. The second one was a fire in 1984 that destroyed the south transept roof. Lightning started the fire in the old roof timbers. If it wasn’t for firemen pulling […]
York Minster: Tales and Treasures from the past - Visiting churches might look like a religious interest, and for many I suppose that’s all it is, but for me, being able to step back in time, particularly when I can step DOWN in time, to see the layers of history hidden underneath the present day structure, is a much more interesting reason for visiting […]
York England: History everywhere - After lunch we wandered around the historic centre, discovering this delightful sign for the street of Swinegate. It’s not about gates as such, but about passageways, or access, so, a bit like a gate as we know it. The old Barley Hall was not on our ‘must see’ list, but we couldn’t resist exploring when […]
York England 2016: Day Two - Our travel editor for the West Australian newspaper, Stephen Scourfield, wrote about touring around England in last Saturday’s travel lift-out. I feel that I could qualify for having similar tales published, particularly with all that we saw and did in York last year. Stephen even mentioned the squirrels – see the little fellow that we […]
York in England 2016 - One of my favourite places in the UK is York. Like Bath, it is a large city with a very interesting history and the architecture (much of it dating from the middle ages)  begs for camera action at every turn. The famous York Minster requires at least one visit, as the foundations go down to […]
London 2016: The National Gallery - This week I am at last back to presenting my thoughts and images of The National Gallery in London. Although I love the French Impressionists and therefore, the famous galleries in Paris, some of my favourite artists are to be found in this London landmark. I generally like to have lunch in the small restaurant […]
Banbury and London 2016 -   ‘Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross to see a fine lady upon a white horse.’ When I recited that nursery rhyme as a child I didn’t realise that she was famous because of what she didn’t wear while riding that horse. The English town of Banbury sits on the edge of the Cotswalds, […]

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