Favourite Books from 2015 - What were your favourite reads in 2015? The Writer’s Festival in the grounds of the University of Western Australia is always a feast for me and this year’s selection in February, more than lived up to past presentations. Liz Byrski spoke about her non-fiction book, ‘In Love and War,’ which I have only recently read. […]
Friends In My Garden: Owl - Owl My friend owl is a friend of many years. He perches on the fence sometimes a little wary to join in the babble of the crowd but when he does they respond with hilarity to the jokes he tells for owl is witty as well as wise. His nest is in a neighbouring tree […]
Dunsborough Library and South West Retailers - I recently spent a few days in and around Dunsborough, presenting ‘The Green Velvet Dress’ in the library, where I enjoyed the scones and coffee and sold copies to all who attended. I then took my novel to book shops and interesting galleries between Dunsborough and Boranup. I now have four new outlets (see on […]
Friends In My Garden – Bizzie Lizzie - I’m sure you all have at least one character like this in your friendship garden.             Such a Bizzie Lizzie is pretty little balsam dashing about always wanting to please. Wearing happy colours she brightens dreary corners. There are times when she’ll work too hard then suddenly stop fall in […]
Friends In My Garden – A Tree of Grace - This poem was written for my daughter, Stephanie, who demonstrated such courage and determination after the loss of her baby and her husband in a car crash in 1990. It still makes me cry but I hope it shows how much I love and admire her. It has been shared with many readers who lost […]
Friends In My Garden – Chirpy Chatty Charmer - CHIRPY CHATTY CHARMER A bright little bird perches on my shoulder lands in my lap or sits on the bench beside me. Rarely still he bobs and darts and scurries from tree to fence from path to bench to me. Whistling and chirping and singing away He’ll talk to himself if there’s no-one around to […]
Friends In My Garden – Friendship -   Friends In My Garden is the name of my first book, a collection of poems about people in my life depicted as birds, flowers, trees and other things that you find in a garden. Many of you have copies, but for those who don’t and who have asked to see my poems, here is […]
A Successful Week in Local Libraries - The Green Velvet Dress  presented at two libraries in one week. A bit daunting, but I’m getting into the swing and starting to enjoy myself. For evening events the libraries have provided a glass of wine and some delicious nibbles, which helps me to relax  and puts the audience in a receptive mood. About fifteen […]
The Green Velvet Dress - The Green Velvet Dress is historical rural fiction.

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