Library Presentation: Greenmount

At Denmark Library - they enjoyed my readings

At Denmark Library they enjoyed my talk and the readings

Due to a full house for the Mundaring Library presentation of my novel ‘The Green Velvet Dress’, I am delighted to be doing another one at Greenmount Library from 5.30-7pm on Tuesday, 6th October. Drinks and nibbles at 5.30, talk starts at 6pm.

A few places are still available so if you wish to join us, please contact the library by phoning 92906755 or use this link to read about my presentation and/or to make your booking.


Much is written about what we see. Today, everyone is a photographer. Sounds are recorded, enabling us to recall the trill of a bird, a crack of thunder, the voice of a loved one. The sense of smell, though, is the most powerful for that emotional pull, flinging us back to memories we thought we had forgotten. I hope my words evoke memories for you–good and bad. What is your gut reaction?


Sweaty armpits, old gym shoes,
potatoes rotting in a cupboard,
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The Storm

A splash of sunshine offers hope.
Dreary sky and dreary heart
watch it quickly pass
as storm clouds gather pace.
What chance is there
what use is hope against the might
of tempests?
patient must I be
learn to wait
with tolerance and trust
but is that possible
when my heart is crushed?
Have I strength within my soul
to ride out this storm
and if I do
will I survive
will I still be me?
Victoria Mizen

Two Old Farts

There goes Mick again. Silly old bugger. Thinks he’s Prince Charming or something, the way he carries on with the Murphy sisters over the road. Mind you, they’re as dopey as him, fluttering their silly old lashes and mincing about, pretending that they’re still young and pretty. Young and pretty. Bah! Had my pick of them in my youth. No good thinking about those days. Look at him. Shiny shoes and bloody arty- farty walking stick, with its twirly knob. Yes. I suppose I am jealous. He’s handing Daisy a rose. Saw him out in his garden this morning. Should have been watching the toast, it burned, serves me right. Time I got a new decent bloody toaster, the popup sort that don’t burn. He was singing to himself. Sings so loud the whole street can hear him. Needs a hearing aid, has a hearing aid, but he’s too bloody proud to use it. He was out there this morning watering his precious plants. Loves them like he loves that silly dog, old, blind and just as useless as him. I should talk. Useless, bah! We’re all bloody useless at our age.

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Kerbside Collections

Last Sunday Julian and Penelope enjoyed a salubrious lunch at the Darlington Estate Winery. Returning home they shared memories of teenage years – Penelope’s spent in the hills, riding her bike along bush tracks with friends, Julian’s helping his father on the farm where he lived in Cornwall.

‘After that feast we should have a rest when we get home.’ Penelope glanced at her partner, the beginnings of a smile playing with the corners of her mouth.

Julian spluttered, ‘Do you mean a rest?’ Bushy eyebrows questioned her meaning of rest.

Almost missing the corner, he turned left into Glen Forrest Drive.

‘More of a siesta,’ Penelope continued.

‘Someone’s been busy while we were eating.’ Thoughts of a Mediterranean style, leisurely post-lunchtime rest were put aside as the green jaguar slowed down to allow a rudimentary assessment of the no-longer-loved contents of a garage or storage room, neatly laid out on the road verge opposite them.

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Mundaring Library Presentation

Mundaring Library is very kindly organising an Author Presentation for me on Thursday, October 1st from 6-7pm. Drinks and nibbles will be served from 5.30pm.

I am delighted to know that the event is booked out already, but if you are interested in joining us, please let me know right away and we might be able to squeeze you in.

There is also the possibility of another presentation for those who miss out so please email me at or phone me on 9298 9583 if you and/or your friends would like to hear me talk about ‘The Green Velvet Dress’ and my teaching experiences that inspired the book.

These presentations are interesting and fun for anyone who loves to read. You also get to know stuff about me that might surprise you.