Lesmurdie Library Reviews

AudienceOn Tuesday evening, the 24th November, my author presentation went very well at the Lesmurdie Library. I am now relaxed about doing these presentations and everyone enjoyed the evening. Most members of the audience bought at least one book and several bought three.

Victoria Mizen (446x640)The library put on drinks and tasty nibbles before the talk, giving me the opportunity for a quick word with my audience. Review sheets were placed on each chair and I am delighted to report that everyone rated the evening as excellent or very good. Here are a few comments:

‘Most interesting talk and Victoria covered many aspects of writing.’

‘Well spoken presentation. Lots of info. on the book.’

‘Great to hear a local author speak, especially about life in WA.’

Each audience is different, but all the libraries I have attended have been most helpful and welcoming. I am keen to speak at other libraries and to expand my audience to any groups interested in books and writing. If you know of any, please let me know.



Friends In My Garden – Rose


P1050410 (2) (640x501)Rose

I have a rose

a special rose

whose petals bloom

in shades of white

for her heart is pure,


P1030446 (2) (640x590)



to the crimson of enduring love.

Her stems have no thorns.

As near to perfect as a rose can be

with blossoms full blown

and budding heads held high

she’s a friend to treasure,

cherished and admired

by all who know her beauty.

Lesmurdie Library

I think this will be my last presentation for 2015, so please join me if you can. image001

Friends In My Garden: Owl


My friend owl

is a friend of many years.

He perches on the fence

sometimes a little wary

to join in the babble of the crowd

but when he does

they respond with hilarity

to the jokes he tells

for owl is witty as well as wise.

His nest is in a neighbouring tree

close enough to hear my call.

A quiet ear

a word of sense

he brings when I’m in need.

Sometimes there’s a tasty treat

a special prize he’s caught.

Often he’ll stop for a chat

we eat and drink

and soon there’s a bit of a party

as others hear our merriment

and drop in to join the fun

for my friend owl is a clever owl

who knows how to make others happy.



Dunsborough Library and South West Retailers

P1050387 (2)

At Dunsborough Library

I recently spent a few days in and around Dunsborough, presenting ‘The Green Velvet Dress’ in the library, where I enjoyed the scones and coffee and sold copies to all who attended.

I then took my novel to book shops and interesting galleries between Dunsborough and Boranup. I now have four new outlets (see on my list under ‘Buy the Book’ ) and the library has two copies.