Albany in Western Australia, cont.

The Gap, famous for the number of foolhardy tourists who have been swept to their death by irregular waves that seem to leap up from a deceptively calm looking sea and fling them onto rocks or toss them around in the deep inaccessible water, is a must see on every visit to Albany.

Natural bridge

For me, it looked very different as this was my first experience of the new viewing platform that juts out over the edge of the rocks, enabling people to get amazing photos without risking their lives.

Looking east from the bridge, I caught the sun setting over the bay and, walking along the pathway, this natural arrangement of dead wood.

Nature’s sculpture






Sunset at the Albany Wind Farm.

Leaving this beautiful place was difficult, but my sister was determined that we should catch the sun setting at the Wind Farm, so we piled into cars again and headed into the sun. Scrambling along the wooden ramps, I realised that I wouldn’t get to the beach in time, so I stopped to take this photo. Seize the moment is a good philosophy. I’m so glad I did.

That night we slept like the popularly cliched ‘logs,’ but next morning, fueled up with one of Jim’s hearty breakfasts, we headed for town and the museum complex.

I don’t understand Aboriginal art enough to appreciate the stories that are depicted in much of it, but a visiting exhibition by Yidumduma Bill Harvey, was not only a visual fist, but also a history lesson for me. We walked upstairs in the Albany museum and were immediately carried away. This first painting is very large and I was fascinated to read all the information because it told me things about the Creation Story. It’s like reading a book in picture form.

Grasshopper People

The Grasshopper People was my favourite, but the real feathers and grasses  had me staying away so as to not sneeze. My understanding is that the difference in the headdress depicts the character. I guess a bit like our king wears a particular type of crown, a farmer wears a particular style of hat, etc.


I love this painting. Boy meets girl, sings her a magic love song, she dreams about him then wakes and is equally smitten with him so they go off together and are married.

I couldn’t work out what these long skinny sculptures were supposed to represent, but they look cute, hence this photo.






King George Sound

My sister had one more place she wanted to show us, which involved half an hour’s driving so that we could admire the view while eating our delicious fish and chips in the Emu Beach Cafe. Seeing a ship that size, made me realise what a perfect harbour is King George Sound.

Back at base, David went for a walk to ‘shoot’ a few pelicans. A few of them of them posed for him on the old decaying jetty.


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